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Amal Hirschberger

Amal Hirschberger

BillPro Software Limited.

Amal Hirschberger

BillPro Software Limited.
Amal Hirschberger has started his professional career at 1996, working for Amdocs Israel.
In 2000, he left Amdocs to become an independent consultant in the area of Billing system, working for numerous Telecommunication companies in Europe such as Vodafone, Sonofon and T-mobile.

Together with Mr. Samer Yacoub they established BillPro Software LTD, to help major Telecom companies with their search for quality professionals in the area of Billing system.

Samer Yacoub

Samer Yacoub

BillPro Software Limited.

Samer Yacoub

BillPro Software Limited.
Samer Yacoub works as a Billing system specialist since 1998, working with some of the largest Telecommunication companies in Europe and the USA, such as US Cellular, Vodafone, Sonofon, Netcom and TeliaSonera.

His works includes development, support and business analysis.

Together with Amal Hirschberger they have established BillPro Software LTD, to assist major Telecom companies in their search for quality professional with hands-on experience in the Billing and customer care sector.
Billpro is an Israeli based professional services company, that specialized in
the global Telecommunication industry.

Since inception, we operate at the heart of our client’s businesses, overseeing development and operational projects, while building and sustaining long term client relationships.

Our services include:

• IT and Business Consulting

• End-to-End Managed Services

• Operation and Testing

BillPro offices are located in Israel and Cyprus. The company operate in
several European countries such as Denmark and Norway.

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  • Torben Nielsen, Senior Manager of Charging & Billing, Telia, Denmark

    "Our company has had the pleasure of working with BillPro Consultants for the past 8 years. Billpro Software ltd has delivered a professional Billing services that was both scalable and cost effective."

    "BillPro Software Ltd has performed effectively at several different levels, from service management to project engagement, for our Billing system.
    They currently have several projects with us and would certainly engage them again.

    Torben Nielsen, Senior Manager of Charging & Billing, Telia, Denmark
  • IT & Business Consulting
  • IT & Business Consulting
  • IT & Business Consulting
  • Testing Services
  • Product Development
  • Outsourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Billing System Support
  • Billing System Support


This is our prime expertise for over 15 years now.

As a Billing/Telecom experts since 1998, we knows a thing or two about Billing Consulting.
This allows us to filter the right candidate for your business by asking the right questions.

We are proud to be able to headhunt and place the best Consultant for your business, given a clear definitions of the role, its budget and any time constraints.

Whether it's an IT specialists, Project managers or Business Analyst, you can count on us to provide you with the best candidate for the role.

B.S.L provides onsite and offsite Testing services, for your dedicated Billing and customer care  system.

Using our development center facilities, the company provides a complete range of testing services, offsite, with a dedication and quality of service as it was performed onsite but at a far lower cost.

Testing services include:

- Test plan and Calendar
- Acceptance Tests
- User Acceptance Tests
- Operational Tests
- Performance Test

And more

BillPro Software LTD’s development team in Israel is currently engaged with the development of Middleware Software for our clientele.

Billpro’s JAVA team consists of only top-notch professional developers with years of both hands-on experience in the Telecom industry along with out-of-the-box thinking.

Our team takes advantage of the latest technologies and working environments, thus enabling us to provide our service as efficiently and progressively as possible.

Our goal is to tailor the development product to fit both your business requirements as well as optimize the current IT/Billing configuration.

BillPro Software LTD development team’s combined billing experience and advanced JAVA skills provide a powerful force for your business. This makes us uniquely
efficient when it comes to propelling our clientele to the forefront of their industry.

Sometime you can build a better business by outsourcing tasks.

Technology has advance to the point that IT professional no longer need to work solely from office.
In today's global market, companies can turn to other firms or individuals to deal with their tasks, services and development work.

Israel is famous for its developed technology sector, particularly in Telecom. Abundance of experience Billing developers, Testers and System Architects is where we operate and that is also why we can provide you with the best resources in the business, while reducing your costs significantly. 

The communication between our office in Israel and the client site is done by secure VPN and strict safety protocols that each of our employees follow.

Billing system consist of many modules, services and layers.
We, at Billpro, understand the complexity of coordinating all the above to work seamlessly.

Whether its already in production or it is just a concept, we can provide a valuable input of how to improve things, and perhaps taking it on ourselves to provide 1st and 2nd level support to your team, to any part of the system components and services. 

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